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3 Morning Market

"A Day in Hachinohe Starts with Morning Markets"

The morning markets of Hachinohe are not only places bursting with the best foods but they are also social hubs for locals.
These bustling morning markets are the energy source of the city.
Experience the Hachinohe lifestyle that makes morning fun!

Hachinohe and Morning Markets

In downtown Hachinohe, there are many neighborhoods that were named after the day of the market that was held when Hachinohe thrived as a castle town, such as Mikkaimachi (3rd-day town) and Youkamachi (8th-day town). It is said that these remnants of the market days, when the streets were bustling as fresh vegetables and seafoods brought in from nearby farming and fishing villages were sold, are the origins of the morning markets that we see today all across the city.

Tatehana Ganpeki Asaichi

(Tatehana Wharf Morning Market)

 Tatehana Wharf Morning Market is a massive morning market on a vast wharf that is only open on early Sunday mornings. More than 300 vendors line the 800m-long market, and it is one of the largest markets in Japan with over 10,000 visitors every week.

 Whatever you are looking for, you will most likely find it here - the market sells practically everything: seafood, such as Hachinohe's fresh and dried fish, vegetables, fruits, flowers, as well as a variety of side dishes, and there are also many coffee shops and vendors that sell pastries, baked goods, knives, antiques, sewing machines, and much more. Visitors enjoy their time at the market in a variety ways, such as buying breakfast or chatting with a friend.

 Visit the huge, breath taking Tehana Wharf Morning Market, and spend a morning that can only be experienced in Hachinohe.

Address Tatehana Wharf, Shin-Minato, Hachinohe City
Phone 0178-27-3868 (Minato Sunday Morning Market Cooperative)
Hours Sunrise--about 9:00 AM, every Sunday morning from March 13 through December
Regular Holidays Closed from January through mid-March
Access By car: 20 minutes from Hachinohe Expressway, Hachinohe IC, 25 minutes from JR Hachinohe Station, 10 minutes from downtown Hachinohe
By train: 10-minute walk from JR Hachinohe Line Mutsuminato Station
By bus: Isaba Sunday Morning Market Loop Bus - "Tatehana-gyoko-mae" bus stop
Parking 500 spaces

Unique finds at Tatehana Wharf Morning Market

Gummy Larva(1):Life-like appearance and texture have made this gummy larva very popular. Hurry before they are sold out!

Gummy Larva(2)

Fishermen's exfoliation net:Purchase an exfoliation net at the morning market and make your way straight to the bath house!

Deep-fried food:Long-queues and bulk purchases are common sights at deep-fried food vendors.

Steamed soup dumpling:The steamed soup dumpling vendor is worth lining up for. Bite into the dumpling and savor its juicy filling.

Bread: There are multiple bakers as well. Their breads sell out very quickly.

Fruits(1):Apples and pears harvested in nearby areas are sold here. Their locations and displays are quite unique.

Grilled fish: And of course, there is the charcoal-grilled fish that is the specialty of Hachinohe.

Ikadon: The mysterious, unofficial mascot of Tatehana Wharf Morning Market. It seems like it has a family. The one in the photo is "Mother Ikadon."

Mutsuminato Ekimae Asaichi

(Morning Market in front of Mutsu-Minato Station)

 Mutsuminato Station Morning Market has served as the kitchen of Hachinohe ever since the end of World War II. With the Hachinohe Municipal Fish & Vegetable Retail Market at its center, retailers and wholesalers line the Ekimae Street where the morning market takes place. This morning market, where the voices of "Isabanokaccha" (the local name for women who sell fish) and the idyllic atmosphere of the port fill the air, becomes a vibrant place packed with chefs purchasing ingredients, locals, tourists, and many other visitors.

 The best part of Mutsuminato Morning Market is the original breakfast you can create by combining the sashimi and side dishes that you just purchased from the market with rice and miso soup. Having breakfast in the market is a uniquely special experience.

AddressIn front of Mutsuminato Station, Minatomachi, Hachinohe City
Phone0178-33-6151 (Hachinohe Municipal Fish & Vegetable Retail Market)
Hours3:00 AM-12:00 Noon
Regular HolidaysSundays, New Year holidays (The Hachinohe Municipal Fish & Vegetable Retail Market is also closed on the second Saturday of the month)
AccessBy car: 20 minutes from Hachinohe Expressway, Hachinohe IC, 25 minutes from JR Hachinohe Station, 10 minutes from downtown Hachinohe
By train: Near JR Hachinohe Line Mutsuminato Station
Bus: Hachinohe City Bus / Nanbu Bus - 3-minute walk from the "Kaminakamichi" bus stop
ParkingNo parking (Parking is available in the neighborhood)

What you need to know for "Asameshi-dokoro Uosai" at Hachinohe Municipal Fish & Vegetable Retail Market
-10 Rules for Morning Market Breakfast-

No. 1: Go between 5:00~10:00 am on weekdays and Saturdays.
No. 2: Purchase sashimi, side dishes, etc. at the market.
No. 3: Don't buy too much just because it is cheap. If going in a group, sharing is the way to go.
No. 4: When buying fish roe, such as cod roe and salted salmon roe, try asking, "Can I have 100-yen worth of the roe"? You'll sound like a market pro!
No. 5: Get great deals while enjoying a conversation with Isabanokaccha (women selling fish).
No. 6: Once you have purchased sashimi and side dishes of your choice, head on to "Asameshi-dokoro Uosai" at the back of the market and purchase rice and miso soup to complete your own morning market breakfast!
No. 7: Types and prices of miso soup will vary by day. Enjoy the season's best soup!
No. 8: Check out which freshly grilled fish is available, and order if there is still space in your stomach.
No. 9: Express your gratitude for the bounty of Hachinohe's ocean by savoring the meal to the last bite.
No. 10: Finish off your dining experience with coffee or the local "Mishima Cider."

Column「List of Morning Markets in Hachinohe」

Morning Market in front of Mutsu-Minato Station
LocationIn front of Mutsuminato Station
Season/TimeAll year round (Closed on Sundays, Second Saturday of the month, New Year holiday) 3:00AM to Noon
No. of vendorsApproximately 100
Contact informationHachinohe Municipal Fish & Vegetable Retail Market
TEL 0178-33-6151
Kutsu no Miura (Miura Shoes)
TEL 0178-33-1492
Tatehana Wharf Morning Market
LocationTatehana Wharf
Season/TimeMarch 13 to end of December
Every Sunday
Dawn to about 9:00AM
No. of vendorsApproximately 300
Contact informationMinato Sunday Morning Market Cooperative (Uemura)
TEL 0178-27-3868
TEL 090-4636-7523
Hachinohe Newtown Morning Market
LocationGrand Sunpia
Hachinohe Parking Lot
Season/TimeEarly April to end of November
Every Saturday
5:00 to 7:00AM
No. of vendorsApproximately 30
Contact informationHachinohe Newtown Morning Market Cooperative
TEL 0178-43-3838
Machi & Oka no Asaichi (Machi & Oka Morning Market)
LocationGrand Sunpia
Hachinohe Parking Lot
Season/TimeEvery day (except for Saturdays) from early April to early December
Dawn to 7:00AM (weekdays)
Dawn to 7:30AM (Sundays and holidays)
No. of vendorsApproximately 30
Contact informationMachi & Oka no Asaichi-kai
TEL 0178-96-4149
Minato-Yamate Street Morning Market
LocationMinato-Yamate Street
Season/TimeMid March to December Every Sunday 4:00 to 8:00AM
No. of vendorsApproximately 50
Contact informationMinato-Yamate Morning Market Cooperative
TEL 0178-33-7348
Hachinohe Umineko Morning Market
LocationRising Koyo Parking Lot
Season/TimeAll year round
Every Saturday
Dawn to 8:00AM
No. of vendorsApproximately 70
Contact informationHachinohe Umineko Morning Market Cooperative
TEL 0178-51-9245
TEL 090-3366-3371
Johgen-ji Temple Friday Morning Market
LocationJohgen-ji Temple parking lot
Season/TimeMarch to December
Every Friday
Dawn to 8:00AM
No. of vendorsApproximately 10 to 15
Contact informationHachinohe Umineko Morning Market Cooperative
TEL 0178-51-9245
TEL 090-3366-3371
Hachinohe Station Morning Market
LocationIn front of Hachinohe Station
Season/TimeApril to November
Every Sunday
4:00 to 6:30AM
No. of vendors10
Contact informationHachinohe Station Morning Market Cooperative (Ogasawara)
TEL 0178-27-2899
Miyagisan Sunday Morning Market
LocationMiyagisan Shrine
Season/TimeApril to November
Every Sunday
5:00 AM to 8:00AM
No. of vendors7
Contact informationTEL 090-4636-6787
Choja Morning Market
LocationChoja Matsuringu Park
Season/TimeApril to December
Every Saturday
4:30 to 8:00AM
No. of vendors8
Contact informationHachinohe Morning Market Cooperative
TEL 090-2272-5592
Hachinohe Afternoon Market
LocationChoja Matsuringu Park
Season/TimeApril to December
Every Friday and Saturday
2:00 to 5:00PM
No. of vendors18
Contact informationHachinohe Afternoon Market Office
TEL 090-3750-0056
Chojya Matsuringu Morning Market
LocationChoja Matsuringu Park
Season/TimeMarch to end of November
Every Tuesday and Wednesday
Dawn to 8:00AM
No. of vendorsApproximately 10
Contact informationHachinohe Morning Market Promotion Council/
TEL 090-3750-0056

Column「The Public Bath Culture of Hachinohe」

 Aomori has one of the highest number of public bathhouses per capita in Japan. There are still over 30 public bathhouses (known as Sento) operating within the city of Hachinohe. People of Hachinohe are known for their love of public bathhouses, preferring them over their own bath at home. Some even keep their bathing essentials in their cars.
 What makes public bathhouses in Hachinohe unique is the fact that they are open from very early in the morning. The likely reason for this is that public bathhouses in Hachinohe open early to serve fishermen who are coming back from the ocean in the morning. In Japan, it is rare for public bathhouses to be open early in the morning, and it has garnered much attention from the media.
 After spending time at a morning market, why not go to a public bathhouse  and start off your day feeling refreshed? That's how the Hachinohe locals do it!

Experience the early morning culture of Hachinohe with a convenient "Hachinohe Asaguru" plan!

 "Hachinohe Asaguru" is available to hotel guests in Hachinohe, and allows you to tour morning markets and public bathhouses by taxi. Departing the hotel early in the morning, enjoy breakfast and shopping at a morning market and then relax by soaking in a bath at a public bathhouse. You will be back to your hotel while it is still morning. It is a very popular early-morning sight seeing excursion for those who have to work during the day.

For details on "Hachinohe Asaguru,"
please visit the website: