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Model sightseeing course

Traverse Tanesashi Coast by the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail

Recommended time of year April to July (when Kabushima is full of black-tailed gulls)
Late May to October (when Tanesashi Natural Grass Area is green and beautiful)
Mid-June to mid-July (for viewing flowers from Ashigezaki Observation Deck, Nakasuka, etc.)
Recommended time of day During the day
Time required Approximately 6+ hours (from Hachinohe Station, depending on rest times and tour times)

The Michinoku Shiokaze Trail extends roughly 700km from Hachinohe City to Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture. This long, natural walking trail allows visitors to take in the view of nature and civilization existing together, as well as the lifestyle and culture of the Tohoku region. There are also day trips you can take with many viewing spots along the Tanesashi Coast.


Hachinohe Station / Hon-Hachinohe Station (downtown)

Ride on JR Hachinohe Line (10 to 20 minutes)

Same Station (washrooms, restaurants, rest area, post office)

26-minute walk (1.3km)

Kabushima Island(parking lot, washrooms, swimming, rest area)

This is the only place in Japan where you can observe the breeding of black-tailed gulls at close range. This is also the starting point of the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail.

14-minute walk (0.7km)

40-minute walk (2.0km)

Ashigezaki Observatory (parking lot, washrooms, restaurants, observation spots, rest area, water fountains)

This historic observation deck was used as a military facility during wartimes. You can leisurely stroll along the walking trail from here to Osuka Coast.

5-minute walk (0.2km)


This is a spot that typifies the Kaigan Coast, also referred to as "Hana no Nagisa" (Floral Beach), where seaside plants and alpine flora bloom along the walking trail.

16-minute walk (0.8km)

Osuka Beach

A beach of "singing sand". This is one of the hardest parts of the trail, in contrast to the beautifully tranquil sandy beach nearby.

30-minute walk (1.5km)

22-minute walk (1.1km)

Shiraiwa/Fukakubo Fishing Port (washrooms)

Take the walking trail to Shiraiwa (Fukakubo Fishing Port). Enjoy the beautiful white boulder from the trail, which cannot be seen by car.

4-minute walk (0.2km)

Yodo-no-Matsubara(Pine Grove)

This is a pine forest with trees that are nearly 100 years old. Walk along the hilly walking trail while taking in the view of the beautiful ocean peaking through the pine trees.

18-minute walk (0.9km)

Tanesashi Natural Lawn (parking lot, washrooms, restaurants, rest area, campground, water fountains)

If you make your way through Yodo no Matsubara, an expanse of greenery will spread out before your eyes. Relax from your journey here while taking in the spectacular view.

40-minute walk (2.0km)

Takaiwa Observatory

This observation deck is located at the highest point along the Tanesashi Coast. The trail offers the chance to stop by the best-kept-secret scenic spots.

32-minute walk (1.6km)

Hamagoya(Fishing Tools and Beach Shed)

This thatched-roof hut, where you can get a sense of the fishing industry and lifestyle of old Hachinohe, has been designated a national important tangible folk cultural property. Please inquire for tours (Hachinohe City Museum).

14-minute walk (0.7km)

Okuki Station

Ride on JR Hachinohe Line (27 to 35 minutes)

Hachinohe Station / Hon-Hachinohe Station (downtown)


○The trains at Tanesashi Kaigan Station and Okuki Station are infrequent, so please plan your trip accordingly. There is also the Tanesashi Kaigan Sightseeing Bus Umineko, which travels between Same Station and Tanesashi Kaigan Station (every day from mid-April to mid-November, only weekends and holidays during the winter).
We recommend guided tours to deepen your experience of Tanesashi Coast.
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○Food is available around Same Station, at Ashigezaki Observation Deck, around Hachinohe Seagull View Hotel, and around Tanesashi Kaigan Station.