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Model sightseeing course

A Trip Filled with the Allure of the Foothills of Nango

Recommended time of year End of May (fresh spring greenery)
End of August (best time for mountain sunflower fields)
Late October to early November (autumn colors)
Recommended time of day During the day
Time required 5+ hours (from Hachinohe Station/downtown)

The Nango region remains filled with bountiful nature and a traditional way of life. Experience the allure of the foothills as they change throughout the four seasons and its seasonal delicacies.


Hachinohe Station / Hon-Hachinohe Station (downtown)

30 to 40 minutes by car

Michi-no-Eki(Road Station)Nango or Nango IC on Hachinohe Expressway

15 minutes by car

Yama no Gakko

Time required : 30+ minutes, 60+ minutes for full experience

Experience country living at this interactive facility that was once an elementary and junior high school. You won't believe the sight of the field of two million sunflowers, which bloom in late August.

30 minutes by car

Aoba Lake (Yomasari Dam)

Time required : 15 minutes

This is a dam lake that was created by Yomasari Dam. The contrast between the deep blue lake, the fresh greenery, and fall colors is striking.

20 minutes by car

Museum of History and Folklore

Time required : 30+ minutes

This old folk house, relocated from a settlement that sunk at the bottom of the dam lake, gives visitors the chance to get a sense of Nango life.

10 minutes by car

Michi-no-Eki(Road Station)Nango

Time required : 30+ minutes

Buy seasonal fruit, such as apples, blueberries, and strawberries, and Nango soba noodles as souvenirs.

30 to 40 minutes by car

Hachinohe Station / Hon-Hachinohe Station (downtown)


○The tea shop Keishoan inside roadside station Nango is one of the best spots in Hachinohe to view autumn foliage.
○The farmers' snack koburikko, which are Nango rice crackers filled with red beans and rice, are available for purchase at roadside station Nango. Their rustic flavor is worth a try!
○The Nango region has many tourist farms where you can pick your own seasonal fruit.