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 The Hachinohe Yatai Mura (Food Stall Village) “Miroku Yokocho” gets its name from the fact that it runs through Mikkamachi (“mi” or “3") and Muikamachi (“mui”, meaning “6” in the downtown. The alleyway is packed with about 26 permanent food vendors, all competing to offer you the best food such as fresh seafood and local specialties. Each stall is about 3.3 square meters in size, allowing locals and tourists to mingle, which makes the food and drinks taste even better.

Address between Mikkamachi and Muikamachi, Hachinohe City
Phone 0178-29-0815
(Office: Pao Museum of Food Packaging)
Hours Vary by shop
Regular Holidays Vary by shop
Access By car: 20 minutes from Hachinohe Station, 7 minutes from Hachinohe Expressway Hachinohe IC
By train: 10-minute walk from JR Hachinohe Line Hon-Hachinohe Station
By bus: Hachinohe City Bus / Nanbu Bus - Hachinohe Chushingai Terminal "Mikkamachi" or "Muikamachi" bus stop
Parking No parking (Paid parking is available in the neighborhood)
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