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Protection of Personal Information

Basic Policy

Regarding the collection, use and handling of personal information on the Hachinohe City website (hereinafter “this site”), the city strives to use said personal information with sufficient respect for and security of the privacy of all persons viewing this site (hereinafter “users”).

What is personal information?

Personal information means information, such as names, addresses, email addresses, etc., through which a specific individual can be identified.

About the gathering of personal information

Normally, users access this site through the Internet without revealing personal information. However, when users do provide personal information, it shall be limited to the minimum range necessary after the purpose has been made clear. In such cases, in principle users themselves shall intentionally provide the information.

About cookies

This site uses a technology called “cookies”. “Cookies” are text files used to identify the computers accessing a homepage. The cookies used by this site are used only to identify computers. Users’ personal information such as names and addresses and information such as user IDs and passwords are not included. This means that site users cannot be personally identified unless they enter or provide personal information.

If you use a browser that does not have cookie functionality, or if cookie functionality is intentionally turned off, you can still view most of the contents on this site, but functionality may be limited on some pages.

About Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to analyze access. Google Analytics gathers access analysis data about access to websites. The information obtained is anonymous, so there is no connection between the access information and viewers’ personal information. The analysis results shall be used for the purposes of improving the quality of this site and creating better content.

About SSL

For privacy protection, this site conforms to SSLencrypted communications protocols

Detailed information about SSL

About the use and provision of personal information

Except in cases such as those in which users’ consent has been obtained, or where there are legal provisions, etc., the personal information provided by users through this site shall only be used for purposes within the scope clearly stated in advance and shall not be used or shared, even internally within the city, for any other purpose.

About the handling of personal information

The department responsible shall strictly manage the personal information provided, and shall take appropriate measures to prevent its leakage, loss or damage, and shall securely and promptly discard or erase any personal information no longer needing to be stored.

Applicable scope

This basic policy shall be applicable to this website only.