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Shore of flowers and singing sands[Ashigezaki / Osuka Area]

Observation deck on a cape

 Passing the Samekado Lighthouse and continuing further along the seashore, the fort-like structure of the Ashigezaki Observation Deck comes into view on the cape. The sight of the observation deck among yellow and purple flowers in full bloom, towering over the ocean, recalls the fantastic charm of an old western-style castle. The view over the surrounding Pacific Ocean is spectacular.
 And what will make it an even better memory is the soft-serve ice cream from the shop below. Climb up to the observation deck and eat it while enjoying the 360° view along with the rich milky taste. Then continue along the walking trail to the next stop on our tour.

The Shore of Flowers

 Walking for a few minutes along the trail from the Ashigezaki Observation Deck brings you to the beautiful rocky area of Nakasuka. In early summer the seaside plants hamahirugao (beach morning glory) and sukashiyuri (lilium maculatum) on the ocean side of the walking trail and the alpine plants nohanashobu (Japanese iris) and nikko-kisuge (day lily) on the landward side pool their efforts to provide visitors with a bright welcome to Nakasuka. The Shore of Flowers growing in the harsh climate and rugged terrain of the North Country is typical of the views along the Tanesashi Coast.
 As the colorful flowers greet you, continue your walk along the trail by the intricate coastline.

The Beach of Singing Sands

 Leave Naksuka, pass the large rock called "Kamo-no-guchi" and the scenery changes completely. The wide sandy beach of the Osuka Coast spreads out before your eyes. The unqiue "singing sand" of this beach makes a squeaking sound when you step firmly on it, proving that it is clean and free of impurities. Feeling the sand directly beneath your bare feet and with the sound of the waves filling your ears, you can truly feel at one with the world.
 However, the beach is over 2 km long so, despite the beautiful setting, you'll need some stamina to walk the whole length of it. You are walking along the Tanesashi Coast's most beautiful and most challenging coastline.