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Michinoku Shiokaze Trail

shiokaze_tr2-1024x683[1]Tohoku’s Pacific Ocean coast suffered a great deal of damage from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster. The Michinoku Shiokaze Trail is being developed as a symbol of the area’s recovery. It has a total length of 700 km and links Kabu-shima Island in Hachinohe City, Aomori prefecture to Matsugawaura in Soma City, Fukushima prefecture.
 The trail is a ‘road’ for walking. By traveling at walking speed along a diverse terrain of coastline and villages to places along the road, visitors come into contact with the lives of the local people and the ways of nature as well as the area’s history and culture. Discovering the region’s warm hospitality is the trail’s greatest attraction.
 Kabushima, in Hachinohe, is the northernmost point of the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail. A monument marking the trailhead and endpoint has been set up on the island. Set off from Kabushima on a journey to experience the bonds between people and the connection between humans and nature.

Michinoku Shiokaze Trail official website (Ministry of the Environment) :